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Håvaldsen Double Cask

This double cask aquavit has rested in Sherry and Madeira cask for 12 month`s.

It is perfect for sipping and to serve with good food.

Haavaldsen aquavit med pinnekjott 3_med

High awarded.

Håvaldsen Double Cask won 5th place out of 37 tested aquavits and 91 points, got dice roll 5 in one of the largest Norwegian Christmas aquavit competitions 2020.

Jury judging :

   • Color and fragrance: Slightly golden and shiny. Scents of citrus, dill, flowers, coriander and orange.

   • Taste: Floral tones. Citrus, coriander, juniper and orange. Well integrated alcohol.

A citrusy and fresh aquavit. Very comfortable to drink

  • Suitable for: Christmas buffet or Christmas lunch. Assessment:.


Points: 91



Ronja Velten:  chef, sake sommelier.

Kim Daniel Bergersen: Bar owner, master bartender. Holds courses in all types of alcohol