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New Medal for KIMERUD Gin

KIMERUD received "SILVER OUTSTANDING" in IWSC 2017. And became one of the few gin who received a higher award than Silver Medal in this competition. Of 345 registered Gin`s, KIMERUD became the best Gin from Norway also. IWSC is one of the world's biggest competition for alcohol and the largest in Europe.

Visit Spain

Together with my Spanish importer, we visited some of the trendiest bars and restaurants in Madrid, serving KIMERUD Gin


Kimerud Distillery - Startside StartFragmentNow you will find both Håvaldsen Aquavit and Kimerud Gin at some of the best spa hotels along the Oslo Fjord and at the prestigious "Grand Hotel Carld Johan", which hosts Nobel Prize winners and other celebrities visiting Norway.EndFragment

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