Our Story

Interest in liquor production began for our Master Distiller, Ståle Håvaldsen Johnsen in 2006. When travelling in the picturesque mountains of Norwegian West coast with his wife Barbara and father-in-law – Jan Obuch who served a home-made herbal liquor of high complexity.

While camping at World Heritage site Geirangerfjord, the bottle was passed around the fire and Ståle was excited by its intriguing distillation process and the power of herb essences.

He became determined to learn more and eventually, create his own signature spirit.

Jan is a recognized nature scientist employed at university botanical garden. His accomplished knowledge of herbal properties and characteristics was achieved through his travellers around the world.

Ståle learned from Jan and started his own spirit-making journey in 2009.

He became acquainted with skilled Scandinavian bartenders and learned about use of herbs and spirits in cocktails.

After many rounds of testing and sampling, Ståle has at last created his first gin in 2014. Today he have made a range of handcrafted small batch highly awarded gins and an aquavit, all distilled, stored and bottled at lovely Kimerud farm in Lier, West of Oslo.

Kimerud products owe a lot to the Norwegian geography, temperature, and heritage.

The cold climate in Norway adds to the quality of Kimerud`s product, as it delays the growth of the herbs and berries, and therefore brings a richness that contribute greatly to the final taste.

Most of the botanicals that make up Kimerud`s products are organic grown on the farm (Kimerud farm) in order to control the raw material from seed to finished product.

We also use botanicals that were popular as a food and medicinal source in the Viking era: (800 – 1050).

By using our new still from world-renowned «Arnold Holstein» we get the finest result in the distillation process.

Kimerud Farm

Brand Story


The name STIGER refers to Ottar Håvaldsen, the great-grandfather of Master Distiller Ståle Håvaldsen Johnsen. In several long decades worked Ottar in Svalbard`s mines (1924-1964) , holding for the time position as a Foreman (called Stiger in Norwegian).

For his long efforts in the mines, he received the King’s award for long and faithful service.


The name KIMERUD comes from the farm Kimerud EST`D 1785 which is located in Lier Municipality approx. 20 minutes west of Oslo.

The fertile soil and good climate contribute to the exceptionally good taste in herbs and berries.


This triple cask aquavit is a toast to the Master Distiller`s grandfather Herold Håvaldsen, a miner in the Norwegian mountains. During WW2 he labored on ships, before he was taken as a P.O.W for his service as a freedom fighter.

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